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Aruna Lee, the owner of Volcano Kimchi, grew up in a temple in South Korea where she learned how to forage and cook her own meals. Decades later, she became an entrepreneur and a Kimchi artist in San Francisco. We are creating places for people like Aruna to teach how to make nutritious and delicious fermented foods.



Sarah made bibimbop for NBC Bay Area



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We provide safe, delightful, nurturing places to learn new food skills

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Live streamed teaching

Have mad skills in making delicious and simple but nutritious food using organic ingredients at home? We want you to show off and get paid for your skills. Contact us and we will create your own customized classes. If you have a space to host, you may double dip as a teacher and a host. Let's talk!

Book Online

If you want to craft your own Kimchi, Kombucha, Yogurt, Sourdough, and don't know where to start? Youtube videos help but want to be in a community setting where you can craft with like-minded people and learn from our experts? Book online with us and see what a great crafter you are! We provide everything including teachers, apprentices, ingredients, space, and your own craft to take home!

Host and show off your place

Do you have a fabulous space for great food classes? We will come to you and customize classes that will fit your hours, clientele, and capacity only with tools and furniture you already have. We can supplement with ingredients you may need and help promote your space. Be a host and earn money while offering awesome events in your community!



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